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By , January 13, 2010

Woke up to news of a 7.0+ earthquake that had hit Haiti.

The Haitians had plenty of problems to deal with without this…It put the economic problems of the world firmly in perspective for me.

2009 Interesting Sites on the web

By , December 30, 2009

Here is my 2009 collection of interesting sites found on the web. Some are links to blogs or web sites. Some are podcasts.

Happy New Year!


History and pre-History



10 Ways Glass Projects Mirror Life

By , November 7, 2009
  1. You will learn less from the projects you rush than from the one’s you invest your time in.
  2. Some things cannot be done any faster. Patience is a gift.
  3. Every project teaches you something new if you pay attention.
  4. Sometimes you hurt yourself. This is part of the experience.
  5. Don’t show people things half-finished.
  6. There will always be some waste. As you improve, there should be less.
  7. The things that don’t go exactly according to plan are the ones you learn the most from.
  8. Things look very different in a different light.
  9. The small, unexpected detail can be the most rewarding.
  10. Always protect your eyes.

Lottery Winnings are too Big!

By , June 22, 2009

The next estimated Jackpot in Massachusetts is $68 Million, or about $41.4 Million if you opt for cash. That is a LOT of money..
I would be thrilled beyond words to win a million dollars. (I was actually quite pleased to win $10 on a $2 scratch ticket yesterday.) But, I don’t think winning $41 million would make me 41 times more thrilled.

Forty other families could be as thrilled as me, if the lottery people limited the winnings to a single million apiece, and paid out to more people.

Don’t let England’s Ancient ways disappear!!

By , May 8, 2009

Keep England’s countryside open for all. If this law is not repealed, some of England’s ancient pathways will cease to be available for public use because they haven’t been registered. This is an important resource for all.

If you are British – sign this petition online at #10 Downing Street

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